Everywhere we look we see rules, there are the necessary and clear unhidden rules of laws, regulations but what surrounds us but there are also so many more rules that we have come to live by. Rules that are not written down or mandated by anyone, yet we live life as it these unwritten rules are essential, as if they are Mandatory on each of us.


Our brand was born from the desire to express to everyone that not all of these seemingly invisible but so influencing rules are meant for you. Not all rules you believe to be mandatory are even rules at all. The rules we talk about are the rules that leave you following and not leading the small and large choices in your life.


Mandatory believes that the rules that truly matter are the rules that you create. The rules that guide and lift your life, the rules you have learned from life and from the people who made a difference in your life. We created a brand with a focus to showcase talent, to give a platform to artists – to people who truly create their own rules. To push the best of creative designs and product quality. To make handmade luxury clothes and art works that anyone can own. To bring luxury closer to you, because our rule is to make you feel good in our clothes.


Mandatory was founded by Caroline and Luis in 2018 and after 2 years of working to develop the brand and our collections we launched in 2020. We are a Portuguese based company because Portugal is the heart of creativity, quality and textile manufacturing in Europe, so we find it our perfect partner. We hope you enjoy our products knowing that every single stitch was designed to our rules and our rule is to bring you happiness.

About us