Andrii Chernovil

Born in 1977 in Odessa Ukraine Andrii went on to graduate from M.B. Grekov Odessa State Art University in 2000.
Andrii is one of the 10 “spiritualist artists” of Ukraine. He has spent the past 5 years based from Qatar.

Andrii’s work includes painting, photography, collage, sculpture, installations and multimedia work.

Andrii travels the world and his works have been exhibited in Saatchi Gallery (London) and Art Basel (Basel) among many more.

He has held multiple exhibitions in Qatar and Ukraine. Also in India and Italy. Andrii’s paintings are sold at auctions all around the world and adorn numerous private collections.

Andrii is the founder of Chernovil Art Gallery and the co-founder of the movement called TARGETIZM which launched in 2016 with the beautiful concept of using shooting targets as an allegory representing the achievement of goals that support peace and unity.  This art movement also known as iqtargets was awarded 5th premio at Florence Biennale in October 2019.

Andrii agreed to collaborate with Mandatory to bring to life his original and beautiful art works from the #targetizm collection. Each artwork was selected by the artist for Mandatory, and each work has a unique and special story. The original artworks are not for sale. You can own one of 200 pieces reprinted, individually numbered and hand finished in the Mandatory collaboration. You can find out about the story of each piece and much more via, #iqtargets, #targetizm

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Chapter Two

Body Lenght747678808284
Chest Circumference535659626568
Sleeve Length202122232425

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Body LenghtN/A7476788082
Chest CircumferenceN/A5356596265
Sleeve LengthN/A2021222324

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1. Shoulder

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2. Chest Circumference

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3. Body Lenght

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